First post of InfoEarning By Biswanath Bag Owner

Hello and welcome to the first post of InfoEarning website. This site always provides information about:

  1. Technology
  2. Make Money Online
  3. WordPress Tutorials
  4. Software Reviews
  5. Blogging

Owner of this site will cover all of these topics in the next blog posts. This will help you improve knowledge in these types of topic.


About Owner

Biswanath Bag host this site. I am a student of India. Biswanath Bag started blogging in the year 2017 and read a lot of articles on blogging. It makes him crazy about blogging and he started blogging. I first started a website in blogger and failed at that time. In the second time, I read a lot of articles related to SEO. After reading a lot of articles I have become a successful blogger in the second site. I created my first successful website. Adsense has approved that website within a month with 6 blog posts. But sadly I hosted it on a free hosting InfinityFree and a free domain from Freenom. I have deleted that site at that moment. And I am back to blogging in 2018. The Social site link of the Blogger Biswanath Bag are:

First post of InfoEarning

As we have already discussed above the about of this website InfoEarning. We will discuss some of the topics reason behind picking that topic on this blog.

  1. Technology: We have picked this topic because nowadays everyone in this world has mobile. But some people don’t even know how to buy a good mobile also. So, In this website, we will discuss all the topics related to technology.
  2. Make Money Online: We know that many people who have graduated and they don’t have a job. So, those people don’t do any work. Apart from that, they can’t even believe that we can make money online. In the upcoming blogs, I will share knowledge that you can use to earn money Online. The best and simple tutorial on this topic.
  3. WordPress Tutorials: As I have started this blog on WordPress and my second successful blog was also hosted on WordPress. I will share some knowledge about WordPress to you.
  4. Software Reviews: I have a much interest and knowledge in both Mobile and Computer software. I will share a lot of information about the useful software.
  5. Blogging: As I have talked earlier I have started blogging since 2017. I have a lot of Knowledge about Blogging so I want to share that knowledge with you.

So, It’s enough for this blog post. If you like this post to learn please leave a comment and share this post. And if you have any doubts or problems than you must comment.

Thank You

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