Tips to write SEO friendly content to rank higher in Search Engine

Tips to write SEO friendly content to rank higher on search Engine

Every blogger wants to get traffic from the popular search engine like Google. Blogger will be happy if they get more traffic from Search Engines. For this purpose, you need to write SEO friendly content on your site. It not only ranks higher but also increases your Alexa rank and your site get more popularity. SEO friendly content drives traffic and makes you earn more cash from Adsense or Affiliated marketing.

Running a blog is not a difficult task but maintaining a blog is difficult for everyone. You can maintain your blog by writing SEO friendly posts.

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Tips to Write SEO Friendly Content

Tips to write SEO friendly content to rank higher on search Engine

The knowledge is must in this case. If you don’t have the knowledge you can’t do it. If you have knowledge then you can just use your knowledge and post SEO friendly Content. This makes your blog more readable and understands by your user as well as Search Engines. If Search Engine understands you will get more traffic and if your user understands they visit your site next time. So, let’s start our journey to learn SEO friendly content:

Do Keyword Research

Before making a blog post do a keyword research on Your topic to make it SEO friendly Content. A lot of new users enter a keyword that is so difficult that professional also can’t beat it. So, it is good to research a good keyword that suits your site to rank.

After you got ranked higher and you have the best knowledge about SEO you can use the difficult keywords. But before that try to do keyword research on your topic. You can do a keyword research on your topic through the Googles Free Keyword Planner. This product is free from Google you can research your keyword there.

Implementing Your Keyword

Most of the users do a mistake that they use keywords several times in blog post thinking that they ranked higher. It is a big mistake by them. Because of using too much of keywords they make their blog post unreadable by search engines. This is true that keyword is focused on the blog at that time but it makes the user difficult to understand. For writing SEO friendly content you must arrange and implement keyword correctly.

First, you need a keyword in the title of your blog post. After implementing keywords in the title of your blog post the crawl robots reads that this is the topic. And after discovering correct topic they crawl headings.

Make sure that at least 1 main heading of your post should contain a keyword. This is because the robots conform the relation of title and heading. The last tip is for implementing keywords in Paragraphs.

About 2.5% of Paragraphs should contain the keyword and make sure the keyword focuses on the topic. Don’t use keywords in places where it is not needed. Because an SEO friendly content is always focused on the keyword.

Use Headings

Most of the new users use headings because it looks great. I have also done that mistake in my initial time but now I use headings for a specific purpose.

Headings demonstrate your post structure to your users as well as Search Engines. I have demonstrated headings in the category related to heading.

Use different types of heading like H2 headings for the sub-category of blog and H3 for their sub-category. Never Use H1 headings because they are already the title. If you write an H1 heading for another time the crawl robots understand that it was a change in topic. And if topic changed then your site will not be ranked higher.

Use Paragraphs

Just like headings people also use paragraphs. Any blogger should not do that while writing SEO friendly content. It not only make bad effect on your site but also makes users difficult to understand. For this fault users, interaction decreases and they got difficulty.

The paragraphs should be changed for a specific purpose not to show cool. Each paragraph contains a different idea and different purpose. Just like I have used this for understanding paragraphs and the above one for its fault use effects.

Try to make your paragraph shorter so the user will not fear after watching paragraphs. The user must say a shorter paragraph is this I will read it as fast as possible.

Size of your post

For writing SEO friendly content the size of the content matters a lot. If you write short content and post it. The crawl robots will think that this post is knowledgeless and rank will be deducted. It shows your knowledge to your readers as well as to search engine robots. Writing more content doesn’t mean to write useless content. It just focuses on other keywords that you don’t want.

The size of the post must be at least 300 words and with the good knowledge.  Do you know that? That post size matters a lot in Search Engine but with pure knowledge. A long post is liked by Google but users don’t like the long post. So, keep the post size at least 700 words. It is good for SEO as well as the user also.

Use Internal and External Links

Every blogger should link their blog post to the posts related to that topic on their site. They forgot to link their blog post with the related blog post written previously. Because of that, the number of backlinks is decreased to that post and that ranks low in the search engine.

Search engine loves that blog post that has a lot of backlinks and it thinks that it is the good one. Because they think a lot of people linking to this post means it can be a genuine information.

As internal linking is must external linking is also. External links help your visitor to get more information about the topic. External links also affect your Adsense earning. Because you are linking to the sites that are popular and investing money in displaying ads. The ads will be shown on your site and you earn more from Adsense.

Use Copyright-free images

Using images show that your site is having more knowledge and users will learn easily on your site. So, every blogger should use images in their blog post with alternative text.

For copyright-free images, you can use Pixabay.

Stop Using stopwords in URL

You should use words that are meaning full and are not used by every sentence. We use words like (is, am, are, etc.) in URL. The important thing is Google ignores URL with stopwords.

Click here to see the list of stopwords


We should maintain our keyword and blog percentage to write SEO friendly content. And start using internal links, external links, images in our blog post. We should maintain our heading and paragraph for best results.


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