What is a blog? and blog hosting and which are free blog sites

If you have heard these terms what is a blog? What is Blog Hosting and which are free blog sites? Then you are at the right place. Here you will be able to completely understand these terms without any doubts. You may also know that we can get money from blogs. This is really interesting for you and me as well. But did you know what is a blog? Let’s start the topic.

10) What is a blog?

what is a blog

Did you know the blog is also a type of website? In the website, we process the given data and information. Whereas in the blog, we provide information in the form of the post.

The best thing about the blog is it always pings your submitted data. Whereas the website has to manually ping all the data.

Search Engine like googles optimizes our blog post and sends us traffic. The traffic sent by Google reads our post and gain knowledge.

They Gain knowledge but did you get any income? The answer to this question is yes you got an income.

But how you got income? The answer is simple with the use of Adsense monetization. People click the Adsense provided ads. The people who clicked on the ads are the one who wants to know more about that information in the ad. Basically, they click the ads because it is related to their recent searches. We will cover all the details later about Adsense.

To optimize your blog in the search engine like Googles. You have to purchase a domain name and a hosting to store all your data. Domain gives your blog a URL and hosting provides you storage and data processing speed. Here the data processing speed is Bandwidth.

What is Blog Hosting?

What is blog hosting

Blog hosting is defined as the hosting of your blog. In the hosting, you can host any data you need. In above content, I have explained that what is a blog is about and I  have explained about Adsense also. For buying a good hosting you have to pay them.

Do you want free blog hosting? , There are many hosting providers which provide free blog hosting. But wait you will not get any advantage of using that free hosting. Because they don’t have a good uptime. And having a good uptime is not an SEO friendly task. Because it decreases your site ranking.

If you want free blog sites than you can get it on many platforms. I have shared you a list of free blog hosting sites down below:

  1. 00webhost
  2. InfinityFree
  3. Uhostful

The above links will take you to the free hosting providing sites. But think before getting a free hosting because they can delete your site anytime. There are also several free hosting providers which are good in uptime and is trustful also. The list of the sites I have provided in under the next heading.

Free blog sites

There are several free blog sites which are trustful. Especially in this list, a Google product is listed. The list is:

  1. BlogspotIt is free for everyone and it provides a free sub-domain name also. It is a Google product. It is for beginners. Beginners can use this website to develop their blogging skill. But for the advanced level of the blog, you have to purchase a hosting plan from any host providers.
  2. WordPress: It is also a free product and powered by a company name automatic. Automatic have this free plan for beginners. New users can able to run web development using this platform. They have limited resource in their free plan. You can purchase their pro plan also. One more important thing is they will provide a free sub-domain.
    Here are some tutorials about WordPress:


In this tutorial, you have learned about

  1. What is a blog?
  2. What is a blog hosting?
  3. Free blog sites

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