Basic WordPress tutorial Pro trick to grow WordPress blog

Hello and welcome to our blog post-Complete WordPress tutorial Pro trick to grow Wordpress blog. In this blog post, we will discuss WordPress. So first we will discuss:

  1. What is WordPress Blog?
  2. What are WordPress plugins?
  3. Functions of WordPress plugins.

Let’s begin the discussion:

Complete WordPress Tutorial

WordPress is a pre-made coding tool that provides your blog or website a structure. It provides a simple admin area where you can upload data, create post and pages for your website and all the necessary settings of a website to make.

WordPress is a free open source tool. You can download this tool from website. You can use this tool and maintain your blog without much coding knowledge.

For creating a blog you need to have knowledge of coding languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, SQL etc. Here WordPress helps you to create this in minutes. Now, if you don’t know much about blog then you can read our previous post:

What is WordPress Blog?

A blog hosted on WordPress software on their hosting can be termed as WordPress Blog. It will help you to create the blog in a simple and stylish way.

In WordPress, you can change your themes, add different functions to your site.

If you go with this tool you can simply add any functions to your blog using plugins. You can get any design of your blog as you want using their free themes. This is awesome. Are you thinking that everything in this tool is free? I am also thinking this. You can simply take a look at WordPress blog dashboard below:

wordpress blog-dashboard

There are several paid plugins and

You can enhance the SEO of your blog post using different plugins such as:

Functions Of WordPress Plugins

There are several functions of several different plugins like:

  • You can make slides in your pages using the slider plugins.
  • Change your blog display settings without codings using plugins.
  • How would you feel when your every page use different themes? It looks stunning and you will feel wow. That can be done using plugins.
  • If you don’t want more sidebars you can just create using plugins.
  • Do you want to run a business website to sell products? You can use the advanced plugins like WooCommerce. Do you know this that this plugin is also free?
  • You can monitor your WordPress blog uptime and downtime using JetPack Plugin. This is provided by a company called Automatic who run the site
  • Many people spamming your WordPress blog. No need to worry just use Akismet Anti-spam. It’s also free.

Summary of WordPress Tutorial

  • WordPress is a website development tool. We can use in hosting for building own professional WordPress blog. If you want to install WordPress on your Computer. What are you waiting for just go and read my post:
  • The plugins are the extra coding used for adding extra features to your site.

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